I’ve had many “mom talks” over the years, exchanging ideas with friends and family and trying to figure out how to do it well. Recently, in preparation for an upcoming Bring a Friend podcast, Tina Knowles Lawson and I had a chat about raising strong daughters. It was phenomenal to share experiences with someone at her level of prominence, and I felt reassured to know that some of the moments I’ve faced were also true for a woman I so highly admire. The conversation about motherhood continued with Jessica Oliveira-Haddad, another inspirational guest who was just beginning to think about…

Igniting Change for Generations to Come — A Defining Moment at Wellesley

Women, not “girls”

I keenly remember my confusion during my first few weeks at Wellesley when upperclassmen would correct us every time we referred to ourselves (or others referred to us) as “Wellesley Girls”. “We are Wellesley Women” they would assert. I must admit that I didn’t understand the important distinction at first. But now, looking back at my formative years on an all-female campus, being precise about our “frame” was the first sign that this was an environment where we would be given opportunities to assert our…

Anne Devereux-Mills

Speaker and Writer committed to connecting and unleashing women’s potential, Values-Based Corporate Leader, Social Justice Advocate, Founder of Parlay House.

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